How to Find an HVAC Contractor in South Florida

South Florida experiences hot weather most of the year making air conditioning a necessity instead of a luxury. Anyone who has spent a summer in beautiful South Florida will tell you the humidity can make you feel like you are suffocating. Residents do their best to make sure their air conditioner unit is working properly, but there are times when emergencies arise and you need help fast. The following information will guide you to a reputable and trusted Air Conditioning repair technician and HVAC contractor in South Florida.

Get Your Neighbors Opinion

Chances are your neighbors have experienced an HVAC emergency. Ask them if they can recommend a trustworthy company that does good work. You can also ask friends and family that live in the area. Usually, recommendations lead to solid leads and excellent service. However, you should beware of references to unlicensed “handy men” that are willing to charge less. This situation often leads to poor work and more expenses in the future.

Search Online

Put your investigative skills to work by searching online. Narrow your search to your region such as “South Florida.” This will give you a range of options to choose from. Avoid choosing the first business that catches your eye. Instead, focus on conducting the search and finding the best contractor as quickly as possible in the South Florida area including Boca Raton, Del Ray Beach, Palm Beach, Tamarac or Hollywood.

Visit each business website and look for information such as licensing, experience, availability and contact information. Beware of unprofessional websites that lack information. A major red flag is a site that focuses on pricing more than information about the services offered. During your research, you will need to cut any potential contractors that don’t have phone numbers or licensing.

Find Helpful Reviews

Popular places to find reviews is Yelp and Angie’s list. You will learn more about a company and its services by reading the experience previous customers had with the contractor. Keep in mind you are looking to find more positive remarks than negative. However, all businesses will have a negative remark on occasion. It’s only when the negative outweighs the positive that puts up a red flag.

If you happen to come across a review site that is filled with only negative comments and harsh criticism it is most likely at “hate” site. These types of sites are often created by a dissatisfied customer that attracts negative people. Sometimes you will find the people making the comments have never used the service. They are just jumping at the chance to spread negativity. Avoid these sites and stick to those that have mixed reviews.

Shorten the List

At this point, you should already know which HVAC contractors in South Florida are reputable and who is not. Shorten your list and continue your research to pinpoint the best one in your area.

Choose Experience over Price

Experience speaks for itself when it comes to contractors. If a contractor has been in business for more than 20 years you can feel confident in choosing them as your contractor. A business can’t remain long-term if they don’t offer excellent service. Some consumers choose lower pricing over experience.

This is a common mistake that often backfires. The reason is due to unlicensed contractors offering services for half those of licensed competitors. This means you are hiring an unlicensed contractor that doesn’t offer guarantees which often leads to paying more later. It’s best to invest the money in good work that will last long-term.

Customer Service

Licensed HVAC technicians can certainly get the job done. But customer service isn’t always their best asset. You want to work with a contractor that is both professional and friendly. Good communication skills are essential to the overall experience. Contractors that focus on excellent customer service usually proudly boast about it on their website. These are the contractors you want to keep on your list, customer service oriented and licensed.

Questions to Ask the Contractor

Here are some of the common and important questions to ask your South Florida HVAC contractor when doing your search:

  • Can you provide references?
  • Will permits be needed?
  • Who is responsible for getting permits?
  • Do you have a warranty or guarantee?
  • What’s included in the estimate?
  • What certifications do you have?
  • Are subcontractors insured?
  • Are you insured, licensed and bonded?

Common Types of HVAC Repairs

Contact the potential contractors and ask them if they are familiar with repairing the following common types of HVAC issues. Chances are one of these items on the list is something you are dealing with now.

  • Outside fan in not working
  • Outside unit not functional
  • The coil is frozen
  • Low refrigerant
  • Faulty wiring

Warranty and Guarantee

Reputable HVAC contractors in South Florida that stand behind their quality of work usually offer a warranty or guarantee. This type of offer helps consumers feel confident working with the contractor. It adds a level of protection for the consumer because they know the contractor will fix anything that was not done right the first time or installed faulty equipment. Always work with a contractor that offers a warranty or guarantee.

If you live in South Florida, you should put Southern Coast Air Conditioning at the top of your list for contractors to hire. They have been providing exceptional service for over 20 years and are fully accredited and licensed. In addition, they have 24/7 electricians standing by to help you in all areas of South Florida. Professional, friendly and licensed Souther Coast HVAC technicians are just a phone call away.


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